Polychrome Jasper

It's my birthday today and I want to start fresh this rotation around the sun, I want to prioritize my company and start sharing more of my knowledge on all of the stones I use! I want to start with my favorite stone at the moment Polychrome or Desert Jasper. I love working with it because of its incredible color combinations, its soft smoothness after its tumbled and its incredible grounding. Here are some pieces I got in Tucson last year. 


Polychrome Jasper is a crystal of exuberance, physical energy, vitality, and vibrance. It is also said to bring good fortune and a happy outlook on life. It can be used to ease stress and increase stamina. It is also used to ease allergies.

It is a new find, discovered in 2006 by geologists in Madagascar searching for Ocean Jasper. (another favorite but very expensive!) It is named for its coloring. 

Below are some pieces that I created from this beautiful stone and some ideas that are being worked out.