Jamestown Swim

Rhode Island Summer 

I am eternally grateful to live in this magical place called Rhode Island. To be able to travel across this small state from pond, to garden, to ocean cliffs and parks. Living here is a constant surprise and I am always finding new places to adventure and spaces to be inspired by. For this shoot we headed to Jamestown RI to my favorite beach, once you climb down to one of the many little coves you have your own private oasis. This is one of the beaches where I first got the idea for the earrings, I started making pairs of beach stones that later turned into colorful semiprecious stones. A special thanks to Daniela Dawson the for taking the incredible photos http://www.danieladawson.com/ and sisters Florence and Holly Wallis didn't even know they were modeling until they got in the car on the way to the beach, they were great sports and jumped right in! Thank you again ladies for a wonderful afternoon!