Magic Making

 With the help of some incredibly talented friends, we took to the beach to shoot a magical look book that I hope shows the beauty and wonder that I am trying to convey with my jewelry. We stuck closer to home for this one at Georgiaville pond that is the next town over and has a wonderful little sandy beach, we headed a bit further out to avoid the crowds and found a cozy spot to shoot until the sun set. A special thanks to Daniela Dawson the for taking the incredible photos and Kate Foster for her joy and willingness to do anything we asked (she is also an amazing artist) you can find her work here I sent them ideas of the feeling I wanted to create and they went above and beyond my expectations! Also thanks to John who stuck around and helped light the sparklers. I could not be happier with the way these turned out (its obvious I couldn't decide which ones I loved the most!) and it wouldn't have been possible for these wonderful folks so thank you forever and again! 

Kte HingeDesigns-2884.jpg
Kte HingeDesigns-2905.jpg
Kte HingeDesigns-3103.jpg
Kte HingeDesigns-3122.jpg